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REVIEW: Never Let Me Go

May 18th 2011 12:00
It is easy to mistake Never Let Me Go for an historical drama of love, and Keira Knightley holds after all a central role, but it is far from what you expect. Sure, the film contains both love and tragedy, but can also be described as a low-key sci-fi thriller, believe it or not.

The very concept that is based on the book of Japan Kazuo Ishiguro is really an absurd vision of the future and might not be considered fully original by itself - clones are created to later donate their organs - but by letting it take place in our time "Never Let Me Go" differs from the others and makes it easier to relate to. We witness a parallel world where something bad is considered normal, and the less weight the story adds to the world's moral issues, the deeper the hopelessness creeps inside the audience.

I felt however that a number of occasions were missed and many questions left unanswered when the end credits began to roll. Admittedly, the filmmakers chose to focus on the romantic aspect, but it's a shame when you have so much more good material to work with. Instead Never Let Me Go answers to what the outcome would be if Jane Austen wrote a sci-fi, a question very few probably asked themselves.


REVIEW: Going the Distance

November 28th 2010 23:05
Of all the romantic comedies with more or less the same outcome the story about relationships at a distance still felt unused enough. Unfortunately, it makes little difference how good the idea is, especially in this genre - much more is needed to successfully maintain at least a majority of the audience, all with different taste and humor. Going the Distance has a promising beginning, but ends up with a "so what"-feeling.

That this is the director's first big feature film and the author's debut script becomes clear when the jokes go straight into the return bin to be recycled only after a while. I can admit that on two occasions I laughed both loud and long, which is the main reason why the movie is not entirely lost. The rest, from the mixed up story to the chemistry between the lead characters, remain very bland.

Ultimately, it doesn't matter how good or bad the romantic comedies are - they all have something else to proof in addition to the overall film quality. Are they cozy enough? Going the Distance has its fine moments, but mostly they manage to destroy them as well by going over the line to the sexually raw. There was more skin than expected, so to speak. You could describe it more as an Apatow film than a Sparks one, but with less finesse.


REVIEW: The American

September 9th 2010 14:27
the american clooney review

At first glance, The American seems like on of those thrillers associated with the participation of Clooney - politically oriented, a bit slow but still surprising. Indeed, two of these points are true - it takes its time and maintains a constant tension as to what will come. The politics are replaced with a deeper meaning about life's choices between duty and passion, brain and heart.

Jack, or Edward as he's also called, is a professional assassin whose conscience suffers for having been forced to kill his mistress in the snow covered central Sweden. Chased by Swedish murderers he flees to Italy to hide for a while, while he seizes the opportunity to perform one last mission.

The American is based on the book by Martin Booth, entitled "A Very Private Gentleman". Although it takes place in a thrillerish environment, it is basically a drama where we follow the main character's adjustment in a small Italian village and his emotional state on the meeting with a local prostitute. It is no exaggeration when I say that this is one of Clooney's finest interpretations, if perhaps not the best as the director wants us to believe.

It's difficult not to mention the great director of The American, who is well known in photography but in the last few years also in the film world with his debut Control about the singer Ian Curtis. Dutchman Anton Corbijn has a keen eye for the beautiful environment and image, which is also evident here. In cooperation with Clooney they tell a lot by saying little. Its dialogue is limited and he enjoys draging out some scenes, but if it's something you can appreciate it's really worth the time.

A little disappointment is the fact that the remaining characters remain unexplored. In the end, perhaps it isn't Michael Clayton but still has some qualities that bring it amongst Clooneys better films.


REVIEW: Knight and Day (2010)

July 14th 2010 17:39
knight and day review

Tom Cruise is back in this action comedy with Cameron Diaz. The trailer promised nice action and some genuinely funny moments, wich is what you get, but way less than anticipated.

To mix action with comedy is quite hard because you have two genres that in theory are opposites and need great balance to achieve something truly awesome. Take Lethal Weapon for instance, or even A-Team. They separate action and comedy without compromising either. Knight and Day doesn't, resulting in a bland mix of genres that fight each other instead of complimenting.

However you get an entertaining time and it's a real summer flick for all the melting people out there.

- peeker

On the set of THOR

June 10th 2010 22:31
Thor clip

You know they make superhero movies these days right? Like a lot. Thing is, movies based on comic-books are much more popular than before, people take them seriously and the budgets are off the roof, which leads to big A-list names.

Now, Chris Hemsworth who plays the title character in Thor might not be that well know, but it is alright when you got Natalie Portman and Anthony Hopkins by your side. In this behind the scenes clip I get the feeling Thor might not be dirty enough, but Chris seems to be a cool dude so who knows... Take a look at the clip after the jump.


Four minute clip from A-Team

June 10th 2010 22:23
A-Team clip

A-Team is out this week and I had the good fortune to see it early. It's a very entertaining movie, perfect to start of the summer, even though it's a bit too... much. But hey, it's A-Team, what do you expect?

Here's 4 minutes from the movie to give you a taste in case you're not sure what it's all about. This scene introduces Murdock, the crazy one.

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scott pilgrim trailer

Universal Pictures promised a new trailer to the immensely popular comic book movie Scott Pilgrim vs. The World if the movie's Facebook-page reached 100 000 fans, something they followed up when it recently did.

Having seen the trailer I don't really know what to think. If I was a comic book character I'd probably have a big "wow" above my head and a very confused expression on my face. It's like nothing I've seen before but at the same time it might be just a bit... silly?

Take a look yourself and let me know:

27cdb6e-ae6d-11cf-96b8-444553540000" width="560" height="340" codebase=",0,40,0">

guillermo del toro hobbit

The Mexican director Guillermo del Toro has worked on the follower to Lord of the Rings for a serious amount of years by now. A project that has suffered delays and other difficulties during production. The producer Peter Jackson has tried to calm everyone in interviews, stating that everything is in order and no one needs to worry, however that doesn't seem to be the case.

Del Toro has decided to leave The Hobbit, something he confirmed himself the other day:
"After nearly two years of living, breathing and designing a world as rich as Tolkienís Middle Earth, I must, with great regret, take leave from helming these wonderful pictures."

That doesn't include his collaboration with Jackson in making the movie since he after all has spent at least two years in creating the fantastical world that would be The Hobbiy (and probably in some extent will be).

Having said that it's a shame we never get to see the finished movie as Del Toro had envisioned it, but at the same time maybe it's the right move on his part. He has been forced to turn down several projects that might have been even more personal to him than the franchise that is The Lord of the Rings.

Finally he can finish some movies instead of just planning them.

- AP

Jerry Bruckheimer is kinda desperate to create the movie that can take over his Pirates-franchise, and with the less successful Prince of Persia he really hopes that'll be The Sorcererís Apprentice.

Jon Turteltaub directs this magical movie with Nicolas Cage in the leading part, something they're used to since National Treasure together. Take a look at this behind the scenes footage and let me know what you think:


Four minutes from Knight and Day

May 28th 2010 22:07
knight and day clip

Whatever you say about Tom Cruise there's no denying in the fact that he knows his stuff. In his new movie, Knight and Day, he has some amazing action scenes, all with perfect comedic timing.

Cameron Diaz in the female role is looking good too, dragged into a dangerous mission she soon find herself a bit too comfortable sitting backwards on a motorcycle and shooting with both hands.

Take a look at the clip from the movie after the jump.


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