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March 18th 2007 15:01
Stardust is a story about a young man that makes a promise to his beloved that he'll retrieve a fallen star by venturing into the magical realm [IMDB]. Sounds cool, huh?

Robert De Niro has been gone for too long, but will return by the end of this summer in Stardust. I don't care, think he's good but a bit overrated. However, I see him as a brand for good movies, which is always something.

A trailer is out now, that looks adventurous and beautiful if you ask me.

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Comment by Tracy

March 18th 2007 19:43
Hello Peeker

I'm not sure about this one, it seems a bit all over the's not De Niro's usual genre is it? Not that it's a bad thing, rather it just seems a bit strange to see him in a mystical-type's got lots of big names in it and some surprising ones.. Ricky Gervais....

Good to see the preview though

Comment by Filmpeeker

March 18th 2007 19:50
Hi Tracy!

Yea, it's not DeNiro's territory, but I'm sure he'll manage. He's a good actor, but still not one of the best.

Big names, good names. Hopefully the movie will meet the expectations arising with that.

Until later.


Comment by Tracy

March 18th 2007 20:01
Yes, I guess we'll see how this one goes...I hadn't heard of it, it looks like one of those films that would get lots of advertising, maybe closer to its release.....

Comment by Filmpeeker

March 18th 2007 20:48
Yes, probably... After all it's not low-budget.

Comment by JohnDoe

March 19th 2007 04:02
Stardust is based on one of Neil Gaiman's (Mirrormask, Sandman) graphic novels. Not his best work but an enjoyabloe fantasy romance, it looks like teh film has removed its darker edge though.

Looks a bit to theatrical and the FX appear clunky, but if the essence of the source ends up on screen it should be alright.....the trailer makes me doubt it.

Comment by Filmpeeker

March 19th 2007 10:19
Thanks for some insight JohnDoe.

I think it definitely has a good shot at being nice on screen, but like you say, the trailer doesn't give me that feeling.

Comment by Anonymous

March 21st 2007 00:30
this is NOT a trailer at all, it is leaked footage with unfinished CGI/effects. the REAL trailer will be out very soon, this week or next.

Comment by Filmpeeker

March 21st 2007 01:13
Hey Anon,

Yepp, but you have to admi it is trailer-ish, just not an official one.



Comment by Anonymous

May 23rd 2007 09:42
Who cares if Robert De Niro is in it? It's Stardust! If they're loyal to the book this is like an orgasm on screen!

Comment by Anonymous

June 4th 2007 18:05
Stardust wasn't originally a graphic novel, it was rereleased in that format. It was originally just a book.

Comment by peeker

October 9th 2007 18:11
*UPDATED* to final trailer.

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